Are you the type of person who loves to feel like you are doing some good in the world when you go to work?  Do you love people?  Are you motivated by the feeling of helping others do things they can’t do themselves?  Are you interested in assisted living employment?  How about assisted living careers?

If so, then a career at Beehive Homes might be the place for you!  We are always looking to fill senior living job openings in a friendly and rewarding environment.  We are looking for CNAs, skilled caregivers, cooks, and housekeepers.  No experience is necessary but a CNA qualification is desirable to get the most out of our assisted living career opportunities.

We have six locations in St George, Washington, and Hurricane.  In addition, we offer a great work environment, competitive compensation, benefits, paid time off, time-and-half for holidays; and, most importantly, the opportunity to work with “the greatest generation”.

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At BeeHive Homes, we value education as a way of widening people's understanding of the world we live in, their employment, and their personal lives. We also recognize that education comes in many, many forms.

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Are you currently a student?

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A primary goal of BeeHive Homes is to provide a quality experience for our residents on a daily basis. We hire interesting, motivated individuals who enjoy working with people, lead interesting lives, and do things worth talking about.

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